Taking your photo and preserving your memories doesn't stop there for me. We all have photos that continue to live in our phones and on our computers. I deeply encourage my clients to take the extra step of finding a way to display their photos around their home, so I am happy to offer products to make it easy for you to take that next step. There are many products available, but here are a few of my favorites. Please contact me if you would like to see more.

Image Cubes

Image Cubes are a simple way to display your photos at work or in your home. They come in 3 different sizes and are fun to mix, match and customize. They make a great gift to display your memories and pictures of loved ones!

prices start at $50

Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks are a modern and unique way to preserve your memories! They can be set on a table top or hung on your wall. The acrylic finish gives your photo a 3D look, filtering light through fives sides. These are ideal for color-rich photos.

Prices start at $55

Stand Outs

Stand Outs are a great alternative to photo framing. Stand outs have a thickness that lift your photos from the wall. Another option to display your wall art. These come in a variety of sizes and different color edges and widths.

Prices start at $60